IdeaStation Stop 1: Skryim

Lately I have been trying to create content that is creative, fun and that people can connect with. I have a few projects on my notepad that I would like to work on, but find it hard to find time to do with my new baby taking up most of it.

The other night (well, morning really) at 4:30 am, I woke up, changed my daughters diaper and sat down on the computer. I said to myself, i am starting a project, and i am finishing it! This was from scratch, so I walked around the room and looked for the things I enjoy, opened my PS3 drawer and grabbed Skyrim. I thought “yeah, yeah. Arrow to the knee…. hmmmm somebody must have stole my sweetroll…. hmmm.” Then I had bowl of cereal. I drew the skyrim helmet on a sketch pad, then threw it on illustrator, and looked at my cereal box. That’s when I came up with DovahCrunch! the cereal for a wounded adventerer!

After thinking of small tokens to add that other Skryim players would understand i threw it all together and came up with this.




I was going for a very simplistic design, so everything is flat with a slight pop from black backdrops.


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Photoshop Madness

Through my first few years of college I knew I wanted to be a computer artist. I have decent hand drawing/painting skills, but I love sitting at a computer. I did not know how or what programs to use, you see my high school wasn’t job oriented and I took general classes to get through High School. Then to my surprise, after I graduated of course, They started offering design courses and web courses and a large amount of career oriented curriculum. So I am a late bloomer to the design world, I didn’t sit around with old versions of Photoshop or blender or 3ds max and become a wiz kid, I was and still am learning it as I go.

So back to my main Story. I was in my first class in my first year of college, Photoshop. Right after that class I had illustrator. CS3 at the time. I was learning two very different programs and using them both to complete projects. I LOVED illustrator. Illustrator was my dream come true, it dealt with vector graphics which I loved because I have ocd and HATE seeing pixels. So after that first year I knew which program I wanted to use and only used Photoshop when completely necessary. This was to my Dismay. Photoshop really has beautiful features that I am, after 4 years of working with Illustrator and a Graphic Design degree, just now discovering.


With that lengthy back story summed up, Here is why I am posting.


On dribbble I follow a company called Cuberto. ( who are AMAZING.

I’ve always wondering their technique and they just released a video on how they made one specific icon in an icon set they released. This isn’t a how-to video, it’s a “look at my muscles” video where they speed up their process and show you they start from a reference and make a beautiful graphic from. This video makes me want to spend more time (which I don’t have enough of as it is) with Photoshop



Link to the Cuberto Photoshop video on Vimeo


Thanks for reading my post everyone!


Ian Chase


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Our First Post

Well, there isn’t a lot to look at here right now, but we plan on sharing some great resources for web developers and designers, some of our personal work, and things we find around the web that we find cool and/or interesting.

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