IdeaStation Stop 1: Skryim

Lately I have been trying to create content that is creative, fun and that people can connect with. I have a few projects on my notepad that I would like to work on, but find it hard to find time to do with my new baby taking up most of it.

The other night (well, morning really) at 4:30 am, I woke up, changed my daughters diaper and sat down on the computer. I said to myself, i am starting a project, and i am finishing it! This was from scratch, so I walked around the room and looked for the things I enjoy, opened my PS3 drawer and grabbed Skyrim. I thought “yeah, yeah. Arrow to the knee…. hmmmm somebody must have stole my sweetroll…. hmmm.” Then I had bowl of cereal. I drew the skyrim helmet on a sketch pad, then threw it on illustrator, and looked at my cereal box. That’s when I came up with DovahCrunch! the cereal for a wounded adventerer!

After thinking of small tokens to add that other Skryim players would understand i threw it all together and came up with this.




I was going for a very simplistic design, so everything is flat with a slight pop from black backdrops.


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