Photoshop Madness

Through my first few years of college I knew I wanted to be a computer artist. I have decent hand drawing/painting skills, but I love sitting at a computer. I did not know how or what programs to use, you see my high school wasn’t job oriented and I took general classes to get through High School. Then to my surprise, after I graduated of course, They started offering design courses and web courses and a large amount of career oriented curriculum. So I am a late bloomer to the design world, I didn’t sit around with old versions of Photoshop or blender or 3ds max and become a wiz kid, I was and still am learning it as I go.

So back to my main Story. I was in my first class in my first year of college, Photoshop. Right after that class I had illustrator. CS3 at the time. I was learning two very different programs and using them both to complete projects. I LOVED illustrator. Illustrator was my dream come true, it dealt with vector graphics which I loved because I have ocd and HATE seeing pixels. So after that first year I knew which program I wanted to use and only used Photoshop when completely necessary. This was to my Dismay. Photoshop really has beautiful features that I am, after 4 years of working with Illustrator and a Graphic Design degree, just now discovering.


With that lengthy back story summed up, Here is why I am posting.


On dribbble I follow a company called Cuberto. ( who are AMAZING.

I’ve always wondering their technique and they just released a video on how they made one specific icon in an icon set they released. This isn’t a how-to video, it’s a “look at my muscles” video where they speed up their process and show you they start from a reference and make a beautiful graphic from. This video makes me want to spend more time (which I don’t have enough of as it is) with Photoshop



Link to the Cuberto Photoshop video on Vimeo


Thanks for reading my post everyone!


Ian Chase


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